The Market for Paleo-Primal

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Reader Matt writes to tell me that his family currently subscribes to emeals as a way to keep the family well fed, and off of crap food. He notes that the service he uses has recently jumped on the paleo bandwagon as the company now offers “Paleo Meal Plans.” Here’s a sampling of the family meals. This is another wonderful example of the ability of small entrepreneurs to quickly assess consumer needs and serve their customers with the appropriate products and services.

The App world is also exploding with great paleo-primal stuff. The best of all of the apps, that I highly recommend, is Nom Nom Paleo. Don’t be surprised at the $4.99 price tag – the app is beautifully designed, and Michelle Tam has always had some of the best recipes in the paleosphere. And it doesn’t hurt that the app includes some of the best food photography on the web.

Photo by Karen DeCoster

6:12 am on November 3, 2012