The LRC Gun Show

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Even at big gun shows, it’s not easy to find the the enormous array of items for shooters–accessories, cleaning materials, parts ,training aids, books, etc.–that we find on Amazon. Here are just a few of the most popular items you purchased recently:

LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target;
LaserLyte Trainer 9mm Cartridge (also available in 45, 380, 223, 40 S&W);
Surefire Sonic Defender Ear Protection;
Allen Company Cascade Neoprene Sling with Swivels;
A-Zoom 45 Auto Precision Snap Caps (5 Pack) – (available in most popular calibers);
Gadsden and Culpeper “Come and Take It” T-Shirt.

The best-selling books last week were:

Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain, by William J.Walsh;
Bagels, Barry Bonds, and Rotten Politicians, by Burton S. Blumert;
The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government Is Taking Away Your Constitutional Freedoms, by Andrew J. Napolitano.

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8:04 am on February 13, 2013