The Little Frummer Boy…

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… is at it again. This time he’s defending Obama, Holder, and all other pretenders to tyranny because “it can’t happen here!” American Exceptionalism exempts us from human nature, and deifies us all — so long as we’re led by “born again neocons” like Obama.

The Little Frummer Boy might not notice that March 23 will mark the 80th anniversary of Hitler’s Enabling Act.There the Reichstag gave Hitler virtual dictatorial power – legally. Even the Catholic Zentrum Party voted with the super-majority.

At the time, by the way, Germany was the best-educated country in the world. Maybe some of them were even as smart as Frum!

Frum’s working principle is also the reason that neocons are heirs to Left-wing Trotskyism,  not to American conservatism: power should be unlimited, according to the neocons — so long as power is in their hands. When it’s not, the dialectic goes to work — and it works hard.

How else do you think Obama arrived at his “Come to Kristol Moment“?

1:33 pm on March 8, 2013