The Little Frummer Boy Is At It Again

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Jeffrey Lord has a hilarious piece today on how to deprogram those trapped in the cult of Frum and Co.

I can only add that, per Polybius, there are infinite orders of sub-cults within the supreme gnostic cult cosmos. Each demiurge and demigod considers himself a power without limit. His lust for power cannot be curbed by other demiurges. Hence, the pantheon can get pretty crowded — which helps to explain why the Little Frummer Boy is so often given to nasty tantrums.

But ah, how delicious is the temptation! The cultist’s universe of dominion is constantly expanding with the ever-deepening secret knowledge that is brought with the ever-higher revelation of the “spark” (in Russian, “Iskra” — which was, not accidentally, the name of Lenin’s newspaper).

To maintain order in the cult, one must constantly hum the mantra, in every waking and even sleepy hour: “Frum, Frum, Frummmmmmmmmm……” … and then wake up and smell the Kool-Aid.

11:16 am on March 17, 2009