The Litmus Test

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All this feigned criticism and sanctimonious outrage concerning LP presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s deficient reading habits of some imaginary libertarian canon of authors entirely misses the point. An understanding of Libertarian Class Analysis is the “litmus test” separating real libertarians from alternative lifestyle dilettantes dabbling in free market theory. Sometimes labeled “Power Elite Analysis” or “Establishment Studies,” this examination of causal relationships regarding the nature and scope of political power, who has it and how it is exercised, is crucial to understanding the nexus between the State and those who profit from its machinations. This is what researcher Peter Dale Scott calls “Deep Politics,” the critical examination of the sub rosa reality behind surface events, an attempt to unmask the true face of power, exposing the elite social, economic, and financial groups and individuals who benefit from the exercise of State coercion. How is the corporatist welfare-warfare State enabled by the fractional reserve policies of the Fed? What is the true purpose of Military Keynesianism, the War on Drugs, and the US Empire of over 900 bases stretching across the planet? How do these policies impact on the grievous loss of civil liberties at home? These are the important questions which matter and should be asked of anyone claiming to wear the libertarian mantle. For over three decades we have all known how Ron Paul would answer each of them.

4:27 pm on June 3, 2012