The Lies Just Keep On Comin’

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Tom, it never ends. Some RealClearPolitics “reporter” who fell asleep at Waterloo is so dazzled by Rick Perry that she hired Winston at the Ministry of Truth to provide this canard:

“One thing that distinguishes Perry from the rest of the field, for instance, is his military service in the 1970s, when he flew C-130 planes as a captain in the Air Force; no other candidate in the race can boast military service.”

The snoozing DoubleThink Ditz is named Erin McPike. She must be looking for a spot on Perry’s media staff, because, after a blatant lie like this, RCP will certainly fire her. Or not: watch to see if they correct their “reporter’s” error. If they don’t, “you know where they stand.” And ignoramus Erin’s future is secure.

But wait! Could it be that this gal is actually a Phi Beta Kappa who recognizes that Ron Paul, M.D., doesn’t “boast” about his military experience? However, he is proud that he’s delivered 4,000 more babies than Rick Perry — in fact, more than all the other candidates put together. Hey, Ms. McPike — Why did you put that salient fact on the RCP spike?

Update: The article was corrected mid-day to include a reference to Dr. Paul’s service as a flight surgeon in the Air Force.

7:39 am on August 15, 2011