The Liberty Wing of the GOP?

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I just received a post card in the mail from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida advertising their upcoming convention. It says that the Republican Party “won big on libertarian themes” in the recent election. That’s funny, I don’t remember any libertarian themes in the Republican “Pledge to America,” just empty promises. The RLC post card also mentions “the liberty wing of the GOP.” There is a liberty wing of the Republican Party, but it only has one member: Ron Paul. The RLC must be referring to the fake liberty wing of the GOP that rears its hypocritical head when a Republican is trying to get elected, reelected, or convince the gullible that he is less evil than a Democrat.

Update: This post has been updated in the form of an article titled “Am I Being Unfair to the Republican Liberty Caucus?”

9:06 pm on January 3, 2011