The Liar (Whom Bush Still Believes) Confesses

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Chalabi pushed him, the neocons sold him, Rumsfeld trusted him, Powell cited him. We all warned about him, but Bush-Cheney (illegally, unconstitutionally, and immorally) acted on his lies, and apparently still pretend to believe them.

On the word of this third-rate, third-world con man, Bush caused tens of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths among American forces, spent a trillion American dollars, and destroyed American credibility worldwide — all to please his “gut.” Former Oval Office entertainer Monica Lewinsky once said, “I’ve been lying all my life.” Poor Bush. Such rotten company. So many lives.

Apparently, the rotting, dessicated husk of Young Americans for Freedom believes him too. The sad irony is that, apart from Ron Paul, no Republican candidate can win the presidential nomination without pretending to believe Curveball’s lies.

1:52 pm on February 15, 2011