The Left’s Timeline Turns On

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The establishments of both parties, and their cronies and beneficiaries, have launched the classic “Last Eight Days Attacks” (LEDA) that the Left made famous years ago. Cut taxes and you won’t have water, electricity, or fire protections, and riots and crime will flourish in your unprotected neighborhoods.

It’s predictable and perpetual. But today’s attacks (seven days to go!), alleging scandalous crimes that horrify liberals (oops, I mean “progressives”) will actually swell the ranks of Ron Paul supporters in Iowa and nationwide.

I remember how people who had lived under communism for years used to parse Pravda, Izvestia, and their pygmy copycats. When the Party attacked someone in the exterior, the people would cheer the Thought Criminal — about whom they would have known nothing, had the Ministry of Truth not attacked him.

It is marvelous to observe the sea of cretins wallowing in their resentment and fear of freedom. My goodness, Ron might shut the water off in the trough! Their Hot Tub Party might be over! They might have to go to truck-driving school, which they are likely to flunk, since they lack good judgment, and always steer to the left.

2:56 pm on December 26, 2011