The Left Longs for War

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It always has. It began in the Terror, thirsting for blood and violence. Marx promised that we’d all be like Robinson Crusoe — no exchange! — but only after the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, a war that would put all past skirmishes to shame. And then, consider Lenin — a man of peace?

The Left pretended to oppose Bush’s wars, but, to put it plainly, because they were Bush’s, not because they were wars. The “Antiwar Left” now obediently pants in the lap of their warmonger, wagging its tail, smirking.

These days, Lenin’s acolytes populate outfits like the “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,” but don’t let words fool you: Stalin wrote a whole book on hijacking language. They want more war, as is demonstrated most recently by one of their “visiting scholars” (whose masters thesis undoubtedly bore the title, “Down is Up”). A senior editor at the New Republic (translated: “a new tyranny at any cost”), John Judis asks the fundamental question — you know, like Socrates! — and then answers it himself: “What will it take to convince the people of the United States that they have to overcome their cultural predilections against big government?”

His answer, naturally — after a long, hard slog of blather — is FDR’s: more war.

6:31 am on September 20, 2011