The Left and the Fed

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Once a staffer from the leftwing Daily Beast called to interview me. In the course of our talk, which I have always regretted not taping (with permission) for a podcast, I said that I can respect leftists who are not shills for the regime, and that my two tests are the Fed and the centralized state. (I assume that all decent people are antiwar, of course.) If a leftist were in favor of the state-bankster-Wall Street gang, and demonized the movement for decentralism, nullification, states rights, and secession, then I thought: Feh! A regimist. (And the same to conservatives and “libertarians” who favor central banking and centralism in general, let alone the Pentagon-CIA.)  Unlike the Daily Beaster, John Nichols is anti-Fed, and has shown sympathy for decentralism too. Here he sets Obama straight on auditing the Fed. The Nation is an Obamanian organ, so this can’t be easy. Of course, Obama is a creature of the big banks and Wall Street—a key to going from state senator to president in four years—but still the plea is very much worth making for readers.

9:34 am on May 3, 2010