The Lawlessness of Kern County, California

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Will Grigg’s post on the latest outrage from “law enforcement” officials in Kern County, California, hardly is surprising, given the many decades that these people have assaulted the law in that county, where Republicans rule almost by default. Kern County, by the way, is Ground Zero for the Child Molestation Witch Hunts that have resulted in in hundreds and probably thousands of wrongful convictions for child molestation of people who have been falsely accused. No one responsible for these witch hunts ever has been punished for their actions.

The perpetrator of these witch hunts was long-time DA Ed Jagels, who started the whole hysteria in the early 1980s, claiming that hundreds of children were being ritually abused in satanic rituals in day care centers (only PRIVATE day care centers — government centers were left alone). By the time he was done, about 40 people were in prison, with all but two of the convictions overturned, but not before the people had served long prison sentences. Jagels is a “hero” among California conservatives and especially the evangelical wing of California Republicans. A 2008 documentary called “Witch Hunt” was made to further expose Jagels and his Republican Terror Machine against the innocent. (I add that witch hunts are not private property of the Republicans, as Democrat Janet Reno initiated a number of such witch hunts when she was the state’s attorney in Miami, Florida, before becoming U.S. Attorney General, where within a few months of her confirmation, she initiated a massacre of nearly 80 people at Waco, many of them children, who were burned to death in Reno’s attack.)

8:57 am on December 21, 2011