The Latest U.S. Military Secret: Drop Weapons

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Here’s an interesting story that “somehow” the New York Slimes and 60 Minutes missed. (My Favorite Moment: The Title Card that states the U.S. government allows the citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq one weapon per household. Ah, how the U.S. empire marches on—preferably over a cliff someday.)

[Thanks to Jim Davidson]

UPDATE: An LRC reader who is a war veteran confirms what is revealed in this video:

“I can verify the truths contained in the drop weapons vid. Two of the marines in the video (Sergio and Vince) were in my platoon and are my very best friends. For your information, they are both anarcho socialists, of the Chomsky variety while me and another platoon mate are Rothbardians and Ron Paulers. But, we’re all quite jaded and cynical after our “war” experiences, I can tell you that. The real truth went far beyond what was in that video as I’m sure you can imagine. Needless to say we’ve all become very anti-war, anti-empire. Thank you so much for posting. I’ve been so surprised at the complete lack of outrage on this subject.”

10:46 pm on December 21, 2010