The Latest ‘Terrorist’ Threat (and, Where Else, but in Nazi York City)

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Now the OWG crowd wants to scare the bejesus out of the sheeple by planting the idea that the increasing number of food trucks around NYC might become covers for terrorists to transport a bomb around the city.

Officials also claim that the truck size and the sheer number of modifications in them would allow a terrorist to install a large bomb and drive it into “high profile locations”, “high pedestrian traffic areas” and “high-rise office buildings,” where they can inflict heavy damage. They say that it will be easy for evildoers to pack large quantities of explosive material into a food truck and conceal it.

The document says that, according to the Department of Homeland Security, “a food cart can be used as an excellent surveillance platform due to their access and long duration stays.”


You do realize that if this weren’t a terrorist threat before, the Nazis just gave a potential terrorist a new idea. Or, more probably, the CIA.

[Thanks to Mariana Evica]

6:58 pm on October 24, 2012