The Latest Shiny Object To Distract the Plebs

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Gay marriage. Sovereign debt crises, the brink of World War III, the coming American default, a stagnant economy, the police state, and more. These things are mere trifles compared to the great important issue of our time: gay marriage.

At least that’s what the mass media will do its best to convince us over the election season as it makes this issue the great issue of the year. Having an opinion about economics and financial crises and monetary policy is so taxing, after all. It requires that one read books ‘n stuff. But hey, anyone can have an opinion about gay marriage, so why not spend all night on Facebook debating that while the European economy inches ever closer to chaos. It’s so much easier.

But hey, this is the issue that interests our betters in the media. They know it’s a hip and cool topic because their peers told them so at a Nantucket pool party last summer. Getting bummed about war is so 1969. Who needs all that hassle? So bombs away, in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. I’m sure those toddlers deserved to be incinerated. But please come to my gay wedding on Maui! It’s important to know what’s important.

Get government out of marriage, by the way, and the idea that there even needs to be a “national discussion” on the topic is ludicrous. Which one of the enumerated powers of Article I of that 1787 parchment refers to marriage? None of them.

9:03 pm on May 9, 2012