The Latest Pakistani Outrage on US Soil

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You probably heard about the Pakistani intelligence operative who shot and killed two Americans in Washington, D.C. He says the men were trying to rob him, though he shot them ten times, including one as he was fleeing the scene. Two other Pakistanis raced by car to help their countrymen, running over and killing an American bystander in the street. Thank goodness we caught the perp and locked him up (though, unfortunately, his two buddies slipped out of the country). The Pakistani government first claimed this guy was a diplomat, but now admits he’s with their ISI; still, they say he has diplomatic immunity and demand that the DC police release him immediately. Can you believe it? What an outrage. Who the hell do these Pakistanis think they are?

Oops, I got the roles reversed.

10:22 pm on February 21, 2011