The Latest Neocon Smear of Snowden

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One Logan Beirne, whose job at Yale Law School is funded by the granddaddy of the neocon foundations, the Olin Foundation, smears Edward Snowden in USA Today by comparing him to the famous Revolutionary-era traitor, Benedict Arnold.  This is precisely the opposite of the truth.

Benedict Arnold was a “loyalist” to the tyrannical regime of King George III.  Edward Snowden is not a loyalist to the tyrannical regime that Americans now live under.  He is a loyalist to constitutional government, especially the 4th Amendment.  It is neocons like Logan Beirne who are the loyalists to the tyrannical and unconstitutional American regime and who are, therefore, little different themselves from Benedict Arnold.  They are propagandists for tyranny who conduct campaigns of character assassination against serious critics of the regime.  In return, corporate supporters of the regime use their foundations to reward them with cushy jobs at places like Yale Law School, where Beirne touts himself as a constitutional expert, in fine Orwellian fashion.


10:39 am on August 3, 2013