The Last Thing the World Needs

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All my adult life I have been reading news stories of innocent people being machine gunned in restaurants and airports, blown up while riding school buses, thrown off cruise ships while in wheelchairs, and worse, at the hands of Yasser Arafat’s thugs. And for what? Supposedly to advance the cause of “a Palestinian State,” a cause that both George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton heartily endorse.

Does the Middle East — and the world — need yet another state? All the other Arab states are vicious and corrupt despotisms; why create another one? If such a state is created it will do what all other states do: rapidly take more and more of its citizens’ income through taxation, squander most of it on things that are of no benefit to the taxpayers, deprive the citizens of more and more of their liberties, conscript them into its armies to fight unnecessary and aggressive wars, brainwash their children with “public” education, strangle their businesses with regulations, assault the public with a daily barrage of lies and propaganda, and generally behave like one gigantic criminal enterprise. This is one idea that ought to be buried along with Arafat.

1:10 pm on November 11, 2004