‘The Last Stand’

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I had to go to see Arnold’s new movie, in approval of his returning to an honest profession, even though Nikki Fink hates it and him (and not because he was a statist gubenator). It’s definitely a B movie, without a surfeit of good acting. On the other hand, it makes the FBI look  bad, and it’s a real gun movie. It even opens with guys having fun with a .50 revolver! A drug kingpin (who isn’t part of the CIA) escapes the FBI in a stolen 1,000-hp Corvette, and heads for the Mexican border. With the help of his private army, he breaks through roadblocks with ease. Only Arnold, sheriff of a small Arizona border town, stands between the drug lord and the resumption of his successful business. Thanks to a local gun guy and his illegal gun museum, Arnold gets access to weapons that enable him to defeat the drug leader and all his compatriots. Arnold, who can no longer be a Terminator mor secret agent, is believable as the local (Austrian) sheriff. And given the current riff of sheriffs allegedly refusing to enforce pharonic edicts in their counties, a gun movie that shows the FBI as incompetent and a local sheriff as a decent as well an effective guy–well, who can really complain? It’s Hollywood. Plenty of laughs, btw, but–of course–it’s a fantasy.

NB: Arnold was greatest here.

2:10 pm on January 20, 2013