The Joy of Everyday Things

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Jeff Tucker’s article on cell phones today is the latest in what is becoming a wonderful collection of articles about everyday things, suffused with Jeff’s liberty-loving and joyful approach to life. In addition to articles on technology, he writes on shoes, umbrellas, Halloween candy and much else. Here are the others that I know of:

Note: My title here, “The Joy of Everyday Things” is a play on the title of a classic book The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman. If you like Jeff’s articles you may very well enjoy Norman’s description of both well and poorly designed door handles, car radio controls, stove tops and other ordinary things. I have used the book to teach basic design principles to software programmers, but it is for anyone who likes to think about how things are made and is a delightful read.

10:37 am on June 17, 2005