The Iron Law of Bureaucracy

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Gary North describes this morning the trinitarian concerns of the Bureaucrat:

“Bureaucrats want to avoid blame. This is their #1 concern. Second is to increase the number of subordinates, in quest of a promotion. Third is to increase the bureaucracy’s funding. But the #1 concern is to avoid blame.”

My experience has suggested a corollary, so bred in the bureaucrat bone that it is an Iron Law:

Bureaucrats never make decisions. If they make the right decision, someone above them takes the credit. If they make the wrong decision, they get blamed.

Ergo, they never make a decision. Instead, they write a memo and go back to sleep, stirring occasionally to hinder and hamper another free person in the private sector, hopeful that such “action” will get them more funding.

That is why we should fire most of them with no loss, and great gain, both to the government (OK, do the feds a favor!) and to the rest of us.

9:10 am on September 10, 2011