The Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Right

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As a conservative Christian with zero toleration for rock music, the last magazine I ever expected to read was Rolling Stone. However, while in an airport recently, I inherited a copy left on a table in a restaurant. What caught my eye was not AC/DC on the cover, but the three articles that were mentioned:

Mexico at War: The Drug Lords vs. the Government
My Campaign Memories, by Matt Taibbi
The Bailout Profiteers, by Naomi Klein

The articles were excellent, even though Taibbi clearly favored Obama. Why is it that one never reads articles like these in, let’s say, the Weekly Standard? But what really reminded me of the intellectual bankruptcy of the Right was the note on page 57 that Newt Gingrich called SNL skits on Palin “slander” and “worthy of a lawsuit.”

3:30 pm on November 30, 2008