The Insane Requirement for ‘Higher’ Education

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In response to my earlier Blog, The College Conspiracy, LRC reader Mac observes:

It’s long irritated me that companies have fallen in line with the blind requirement for diplomas over other forms of value. The latest irritant: My wife is a physician assistant. She received her bachelor’s degree and went to Yale for her PA education. Some PA programs are master’s programs, while Yale was not. The end result is the same however: the graduate is qualified to TAKE A CERTIFICATION EXAM to become a certified PA, designated as PA-C. Graduation from any school does not qualify the candidate to become a PA-C. You may be hired, but if you fail the exam, you will be fired.

While looking for a new job, my wife has just been told that she is not qualified for placement within a group of companies because she does not have a master’s degree. These companies believe that a student fresh out of school (who may not have even taken the exam yet) is more valuable than my wife who has been practicing for 20 years.

9:49 am on May 31, 2012