The HPV Vaccine

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Thanks to LRC reader, Stephen, for alerting me to these hit pieces on Sanjay Gupta. The articles are pure speculation about Gupta’s (and the Bush family’s) ties to Merck. I’m tempted to give Gupta the benefit of the doubt – that is, he is probably just poorly informed (relying mostly on Pharma advertising, as many doctors do) and optimistic about the promises of modern medicine, rather than consciously taking pay-offs from Big Pharma. But, I found the information on Merck’s HPV vaccine interesting. According to the Counterpunch article (emphasis mine):

…after the Food and Drug Administration had approved the [HPV vaccine], the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had recommended it for broad use, and questions grew in the press as to why this “miracle breakthrough” had not been peer reviewed, did Merck finally release its late phase trial data.
Eleven and twelve year old girls, the very target of proposed mandatory vaccination by Merck, were never tested at all for efficacy in pre-licensing clinical trials. Merck simply decided that the bodies of prepubescent girls would react the same as mature women to the vaccine. The FDA was fully aware of this when they licensed the vaccine for potentially millions of prepubescent girls, requiring only that post licensing studies be done for efficacy and safety on these children after they were injected with the drug.

The FDA and CDC (and Surgeon Generals and elected officials, etc…) are not going to protect you and your family, despite all of the propaganda stating otherwise.

9:09 am on January 7, 2009