The Heroic Seth Lipsky

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Years ago, when I worked for Lew Lehrman and Seth worked for the Wall Street Journal, we used to discuss monetary policy. Throughout many important jobs in journalism, he has championed sound money, so I wasn’t really surprised–thrilled is more the word–to see his editorial on Ron Paul in the NY Sun today.

After noting that Ron is way ahead of Bernanke, Seth writes (speaking for the Sun): “We have a lot of differences with Mr. Paul, but on monetary matters, we’ve been covering him since his days, in the early 1980s, as a member of the United States Gold Commission, when he coauthored, with New York’s own Lewis Lehrman, a minority report favoring a return to a version of the gold standard. What can be said about Mr. Paul is that he’s not only ahead of Mr. Bernanke but also of his fellow Republicans, and he will eat into their standing until they address the question of the soundness of our currency.”

Of course, he is right. All the other candidates, Democrats or Republicans, are tied to the bubble-inducing, dollar-depreciating Fed. Only Ron Paul speaks truth to power, on money as well as everything else. (Thanks to Walter Block)

BTW, here is The Case for Gold, the great Minority Report of the US Gold Commission mentioned by Seth.

1:10 pm on November 12, 2007