The Hat Question

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Q: What about hats?

A: Hats! Bring them back. The key thing is that they must look right on YOU, and not be overly affected (no derby, top hat, bowler, etc.). In the winter, wear a black or brown wool fedora. The best hat I ever had was a crushable rabbit fedora. Fabulous! In the spring and summer, panama is the choice but never get it wet. In the summer, a boater is great–wear with confidence. Brims of all hats should not be overly wide (mafia) or too thin (Eisenhower). Baseball-style hats should be worn at the baseball park. There are other seasonal hats that are desirable, like those made of cotton. Don’t get overly fussy about matching hats with clothes. It is surprising how a great hat can be dressed up or down. Nothing wrong with a panama and suit, for example, or a cotton hat with a leather strap with a sports coat. Hats worn after 6pm should be made of wool. No hat should ever be worn inside (except in Texas).

6:18 pm on July 16, 2003