THE Gun Book

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In connection with Brad’s article today, it is a good time to mention the excellent Boston’s Gun Bible from Javelin Press. I bought this book to get some basic recommendations on what to purchase along with some additional info like safety tips, storage tips, etc. I got a lot more. This book is your one-stop source for everything you want to know about guns now and probably most things you’re going to want to know once you get past the basics. It’s encyclopedic. The book also contains some great libertarian passages. One of my favorites is Boston’s response to those who say that in our day of modern weaponry a citizenry with some handguns and rifles would not be able to stand against a tyrannical state with its tanks and jets, (thus, supposedly, the ‘check on the state’ justification for the 2nd Amendment no longer applies). The story he relates about how two well-trained men with rifles in Vietnam held down an entire company of enemy soldiers was a paradigm shift moment for me. [Note: Amazon’s page has incorrect edition info. Javelin Press assures me that Amazon is in fact selling the preferred 2nd edition, not the 1st edition as the page says.]

2:32 pm on May 11, 2004