The Government’s Brain Rapists

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Investigative journalist Rob Wipond has written a chilling article for Focus Online, which is “Victoria’s magazine of people, ideas, and culture.” The article is titled, “The case for electroshocking Mia.” Beautifully written and well-researched, this article exposes the tyranny of the Canadian mental health system. Although the story focuses on Canada’s psychiatric, institutional tyranny, as we know, the same goes here within the medical-pharmaceutical-psychiatric establishment in the Centralized States of America.

Mia is 82 years old, and her family has been forced to take her underground in order to flee the tyrants who are trying to control and destroy Mia’s brain in order to subject her to the government’s life-sucking, standard psychiatric protocol. Mia had been in a Victoria retirement home where she was – surprise, surprise – consistently drugged on powerful antidepressants, like much of the Canadian elderly population. Mia started to exhibit symptoms (nausea, distress, and withdrawal) from the perpetual drugging that further exacerbated her poor “diagnosis” – thus she was certified and kept against her will, with the intention to give her ECT, or electro-convulsive therapy.

Her family obtained legal counsel and intervened, and the story that follows cannot be done any justice by my lack of ability to properly summarize it in a blog post. The story must be read in order to understand your own potential place in the world, and how OmabaRomneyCare will create similar administrative tribunals that will decide how your life shall be directed and cared for, and what course of treatment you shall take in order to stay out of the government’s (un)health gulag. Huge hat tip to Joe Lee for the link.

One final note: I think that Thomas Szasz is one of the most important human beings in the history of liberty. Szasz, who recently passed away, spent his entire career fighting the totalitarian bastards who have turned the psychiatric profession into a government-approved torture tribunal. The following is from a Thomas Szasz obituary in The Guardian:

He saw compulsory psychiatry, no matter how compassionately intended, as patronising and infantilising. Many observers have found that his description of the ever-increasing medicalisation of many human situations – what he termed the “therapeutic state” – remains uncannily accurate.

…In the best known of his 36 books, The Myth of Mental Illness (1961), Szasz argued that mental health and mental illness are alienated, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-medical terms, and for the next half-century he insisted that illness, in the modern, scientific sense, applies only to bodies, not to minds – except as a metaphor. A bodily organ, the heart, can be diseased, but to be heartsick or homesick, though real enough, is not to be medically, but only metaphorically, ill. Equally metaphorical, said Szasz, were such supposed mental illnesses as hysteria, obsessional neurosis, schizophrenia and depression.

He defended an individual’s right to give informed consent to treatment, such as drugs, electroconvulsive therapy or even destructive psycho-surgery. But he pointed out that even if this made the individual feel better, it did not prove that he or she had been ill. If someone diagnosed as mentally ill should turn out to have a brain disease, then this would be a genuine physical illness, not a metaphorical mental one, and should be treated by neurologists, not psychiatrists.

10:50 am on November 4, 2012