The GOP’s Twelve-Step Program: Eleven To Go

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From under the wreckage of the GOP, two Reagan fans (funny how often the GOP seems to wallow in necrophilia) finally come to their senses and are willing to go public criticizing Bush (although daintily, by going after apparatchik Karl Rove).


Are these long-time pros unaware that for the past eight years the GOP’s “leaders” have bashed critics of Bush’s big-government, domestic lockdown, worldwide-war crusade as “haters,” “navel-gazers,” “traitors,” “isolationists,” and the ultimate slime, “anti-Semites”?

I am pleased that some conservatives have come to their senses (while others, still intoxicated, cash in, big-time, wallowing in the trough). But what’s the next step? When a drunk reforms, AA makes him admit, first, that he’s a drunk. Apparently, after eight years, part of the GOP is making it to that first step. But there are eleven more. Among them, the alcoholic must then  find the people he has harmed and apologize, and then strive to make restitution. When will the GOP apologize and make restitution for launching the destruction of the country, and handing it to Obama to finish the job?

Hey, let’s not always see the same hands.

Shirley and Devine might have seen the light, but have those who made millions from the wars? How about the anti-Catholic Pastor Hagee and his millions of Armageddonites? Or the anti-Mormon Huckabee and his Iowa voters?

The Republican party is no longer the vehicle for conservatism. But its worst element still has the big-money on its side (whatever hasn’t yet bought into Obamaland), and the diehards who remain in its collapsing ranks still defend Bush and support the spending, Big Brother, and the wars. Both parties are corrupt because power corrupts. Neither party opposes the decisive destruction of power through termination of its institutions.

Here are steps 8 and 9:

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

7:25 am on April 10, 2010