The GOP’s Culture of Death

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I was listening to a Washington, D.C. radio station this morning that has a neocon talk show host who was just gushing over Bush’s victory with all of his callers. One caller struck me as especially absurd and surreal. She was the wife of an army officer stationed in the D.C. area. She said she was in such a good mood she was going to pack up the kids in the car and drive over to Arlington National Cemetery because , “we have some friends buried there who died in Iraq.” She then said, “I’m going to put flowers on their graves and tell them Congratulations! Our man won!”

Can it possibly get more stomach turning? The re-election of the man who sent these young soldiers to their death in an unnecessary war that has nothing at all to do with defending their own country is celebrated at their grave sites by their “friends.”

A large segment of the military population and its dependents seems to have adopted a mindless culture of death. What would she have said at the grave sites if Kerry had won? “Sorry boys, the man who caused your needless and totally unnessary death at the age of 22 has not been re-elected”? Some friend.

11:56 am on November 3, 2004