The GOP Phony Reconversion

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Every time some Republican politician or party official speaks of a need to return to some make-believe “principled” position, they only reveal their continuing commitment to carrying water for the political Establishment. How can the GOP overcome the devastation done by and to their gang by the latest Bush administration? Why, bring out George W., himself, to babble about the dangers of big government and loss of freedom in America! Of course, this strategy will keep in line the party faithful who would never have abandoned ship anyway. “Hey, he’s actually criticizing what his administration did,” one might be heard to say, while another would reply “at least he’s being honest about all of his wrongdoing; how he doesn’t believe in what he did as president.”

Meanwhile, three years before the selection of the political version of American Idol, the GOPers are busily yakking it up about their 2012 presidential candidate. Will it be Sarah Palin who will excite the country, or will Huckabee, McCain, Romney, or (gasp!) even Rudy Giuliani be resurrected to put up another pretend alternative to an engorged corporate-state? Each of these persons would be a “safe” choice for the Establishment puppet-masters, for none – and that includes Palin — would challenge the basic assumptions upon which state power sustains itself.

In all of these discussions in the mainstream media — itself performing its assigned role of keeping “debate” undebatable — I have heard no mention of Ron Paul, the only candidate who has managed to tap into the widespread popular opposition to rampant statism. But Ron is persona non grata to the Establishment, as is anyone else who exhibits an integrity that can’t be bought. Come 2012, the GOP will continue its efforts to keep Ron out of the discussion and, should he repeat the showing of support he had in 2008, to keep him at the far end of the stage, where those with the hook can more easily reach him.

(As an aside, I watched a brief discussion on a cable TV channel this morning, in which the question of Sarah Palin’s having reportedly received over a $1 million advance on her book was discussed by Republican and Democratic party spokesmen. The Democrat went off on the expected self-serving nature of her book. The Republican — passing up the opportunity to praise Ms. Palin’s being compensated by the marketplace, while condemning the hundreds of millions of dollars the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore rake in from the government programs they support — wimped out. Such is both the present and future state of a party that pretends to be what the ruling Establishment will never allow it to become.)

1:31 pm on November 17, 2009