The Glories of WFB

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… are flowing, encomium following upon paean upon flights of wistful memory.

Funny how none of them mentions that WFB turned against the war, and against NR, as NR turned against him.

Ever since, NR has ignored what Knute Rockne used to tell my dad: “You don’t spit on a man’s head if you’re standing on his shoulders.”

With his passing, of course, they’re suddenly full of self-congratulatory smiles. After all, how can he turn over in his grave? They haven’t even buried him yet!

A more sober but very informed (and, be warned, more candid) account by former NR contributor Peter Brimelow is worth a careful reading.

I will write about WFB’s trips to Indiana at a later date – nil nisi bonum, as they say. For now, I have long appreciated his invitation to write for NR aeons ago. And an aeon or two later, he graciously allowed me to correct amply a cheap shot that another writer had aimed at my boss in the senate.

Ah, but those days are long gone, and so is he. May he rest in peace.

1:27 pm on February 29, 2008