The Glenn Beck Moment

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I heard his radio show for a few minutes today, by mistake. He urged his listeners to seek justice and mercy, especially when it is unpopular to do the right thing for a marginalized group. In the latest case, that means helping him fund a trip to Israel to provide supplies for the troops. Yes, Glenn the Merciful is going out on a limb to do something unpopular with the media and the regime. But he needs “an airplane with global reach,” and he’ll pay the gas! What a guy. Anybody got an extra Antonov 225?

UPDATE from Ken Palmer:

The first sentence of your post had me nodding in agreement as I also avoid listening to ‘The Beckster’! The turning point for me was his insulting treatment of Ron Paul (for which he subsequently apologized, but too little, too late).

11:35 am on September 1, 2014