The Gift of FDR and Stalin

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Unlike the Democrats and the Republicans, I am no fan of the UN. And I never forget that the UN was formed by FDR and Stalin to facilitate their global rule and global wars, from which much money was to be made, which is why Rockefeller gave the land for that ugly UN office building. As to UN resolutions, the US always blocks their enforcement in other areas of the world. So much for their alleged moral power.

UPDATE from a friend in Switzerland:

Cord Meyer, who ran Operation Mockingbird, was an early booster of the UN and was at the first UN “meeting” in San Francisco in 1945. His fetching wife Mary Pinchot Meyer, who was a “close” friend of JFK and may or may not have been involved with Timothy Leary in a scheme get high-end beltway types, Kennedys among them, to take LSD in the early 60s, was found murdered in a park at the time the Warren Report was released (she and Meyer had been divorced by then). Jim Angleton was caught by Ben Bradlee (WAPO, a friend of Mary’s) going through her stuff after she died. Shortly before Cord Meyer died in 2001 a writer asked him about who he thought had killed his ex-wife and he said, “The same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy.”Another big booster (though mostly in the back hallways, so to speak) was William Stephenson, who ran MI-6’s American branch out of a big office in Rockefeller Center throughout the second world war and was a chum of both FDR and Churchill.

I wonder why they don’t teach this stuff in state-owned/funded schools?

9:12 am on March 20, 2011