The Funniest Line Yet About Petraeus and Zippergate

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Gomer Pyle wasn’t this big of a screw-up,” in today’s New York Post. Ha! You can’t beat the Post for silly headlines, especially when there’s a sex scandal. They began by calling it “Spyfall,” similar to the new James Bond movie, “Skyfall.” During the Tiger Woods affair the Post had one headline about one of Tiger’s significantly older female friends that read, “Cougar Taught Tiger How to be an Animal”!

UPDATE:  Daniel A. writes that he heard someone on the radio this morning saying that “Our generals are being led by their privates.”  Another emailer writes to say that Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” referred to Petraeus and his gang as “Band of Boners.”

2:50 pm on November 14, 2012