The Frightening Prospect of U.S. Global Hegemony

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The U.S. military presence is growing in Asia and in Africa. Links are being strenthened between the U.S. military and the military forces of many other nations. These links include joint military exercises, use of foreign naval base facilities, providing access of foreign military forces to advanced technology, providing access to missiles and advanced fighter planes, and cooperative ventures when natural disasters strike. For example, the U.S. has resumed its access to Subic Bay while supplying the Philippines with two new warships. The Cobra Gold military exercises in Thailand that began as a U.S.-Thailand joint venture now include 5 other nations as participants along with many observer nations. With Africom in Africa, NATO in Europe and NATO-like alliances and links in Asia, the U.S. is positioning itself to be the top government of the world, exclusive of Russia and China. It is surrounding Russia and China with allied nations and forces. It is using a combination of carrots, sticks and other enticements to bring Russia and China into the American fold. The goal is world hegemony. If such hegemony backed up by powerful military forces is achieved, this will lead into the most controlling and oppressive government the world has ever seen.

The stronger that these American-led forces become across multiple nations, the greater they will stand ready to back government power in any country or overrule it. NATO has already demonstrated this in Serbia and Libya.

As the coordinated military forces grow in organization and readiness, the threat grows of more and more arbitrary and oppressive laws being passed that control the lives of people in many lands. The threat grows of a suffocating uniformity of laws. The threat grows of impositions on people made from on high by distant rulers. The stronger and more embracing becomes such a world government or a government that covers so much of the world, the greater the threat of regimentation of people and their lives according to the dictates of those at the top of the power pyramid.

The best evidence that hegemony results in detailed control is the growth and reach of the U.S. federal government’s laws. The federal government has sought and attained a high degree of hegemony over the individual states. The boundaries of control of any hegemonic power can be widened indefinitely according to whatever ideas those in power may have. The scope of totalitarian measures is very broad. Once a hegemonic power has attained the top position, its threat to freedom is greater than its threat to peace.

In the U.S., the individual states can combine to break the power of the central government. In the worldwide case, individual nations can slip out of the grasp of the hegemonic power. In both cases, the masses can also bring down any central power by getting its military forces on their side and by mass resistance. It is not as if there are not potential countervailing forces, but why let this kind of scenario unfold in the first place? The growth of U.S. government power needs to be recognized as the severe threat that it is. It needs to be cut off at the pass.

11:03 am on May 31, 2014