The Free Market Response to Screw Ups

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LRC had an outage this past Sunday about 5:15am EST to 5:45am EST. Our CDN provider, CloudFlare, took down their service while fighting an Internet Denial of Service attack. The link explains the outage in semi-technical terms, and offers a sincere apology.

“We have already reached out to Juniper to see if this is a known bug or something unique to our setup and the kind of traffic we were seeing at the time. We will be doing more extensive testing of Flowspec provisioned filters and evaluating whether there are ways we can isolate the application of the rules to only those data centers that need to be updated, rather than applying the rules network wide. Finally, we plan to proactively issue service credits to accounts covered by SLAs. Any amount of downtime is completely unacceptable to us and the whole CloudFlare team is sorry we let our customers down this morning.” (emphasis mine)

What a difference compared to anytime the government screws up – when we are treated like morons who will believe any spin or lie as the story constantly evolves and new details come to light. How refreshing to be treated like a valued client with a brain and money as opposed to a rube to be kept in line with lies and fear. CloudFlare has been a very reliable provider by the way, and I’ve worked with or for 4 of their larger competitors. If you are hosting a website getting a few thousand hits a day or more, consider signing up. Full disclosure – we have no commercial relationship with CloudFlare.

update: Full disclosure – we are not paid endorsers of CloudFlare, and do not receive any money from them if you sign up. We have a normal commercial relationship wherein we pay them money, and they accelerate the LRC website globally, protect us from DDOS attacks, and lower our hosting bill.

9:27 am on March 5, 2013