The Fourthworldization of the USA

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Earlier this morning I saw a report on the local news about how (government) schools had lost power for several hours. The power company that supplies electricity for the school had to shut down power for four hours starting at six in the morning. The schools and the power company are under a contract where electricity can be disconnected during peak times to avoid unplanned outages, and to also save money elsewhere. Apparently the schools are saving $300k/year by doing this.

Many cities (if not most) have a single provider of power and other utilities. These range from an outright government company to a public/private partnership to a nominally private company that is under severe state regulation. Chronic brownouts and blackouts are the result.

I doubt that in a society without taxes, subsidies, regulation on efficiency, and hindrance on discoveries (intellectual “property&#148) we’d see companies asking clients to cut back during peak hours, year after year whenever the weather is too cold or too hot.

8:38 am on January 12, 2010