The Forgotten Man in the Little House

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Ryan, the forgotten man in the fascinating story of Rose Wilder Lane and the evolution of her libertarian ideas during the Great Depression was Garet Garrett, who along with Lane was one of the towering giants of the noninterventionist, anti-New Deal Old Right. I just wish that I was aware of more of their intriguing backstory when I got to know Lane’s literary and ideological heir Roger Lea MacBride quite well during (and after) his 1976 Libertarian Party presidential campaign. In 1978 MacBride would travel to New Hampshire on repeated interview junkets with the state’s news media, and I as the NHLP’s full-time state director would accompany him on these ventures throughout the Granite State. After feasting on New England Clam Chowder and lobster we would stay up to all hours reminiscing about the early days of the liberty movement, his treasured relationship with Lane, his heroic anti-statist activities as a Vermont legislator, his production work on the made-for-TV movie Young Pioneers and co-creator and producer of the long-running series Little House on the Prairie, his unbridled passion for Wagnerian opera (being independently wealthy he would travel the world whenever a new production was launched), and as the renegade Virginia GOP elector who courageously cast his historic electoral college vote for LP candidates John Hospers and Theodora “Tonie” Nathan (and not the duplicitous Richard Nixon and the craven Spiro Agnew).

1:14 pm on August 14, 2013