The Forgotten Faithful Departed

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As Congress once more congratulates itself for its amor sui (self-love, the engine of the City of Man), let us remember those who died that bright morning in Tucson, who are, of course, nobodies to the insatiable power-lusting beast:

Gabe Zimmerman, 30; John Roll, 63; Phyllis Schneck, 79; Dorothy Morris, 76; Dorwan Stoddard, 76; and Christina Taylor-Green, 9.

Mere “collateral damage”? Well, don’t send them down the Memory Hole just yet: “Speaking to the Arizona Republic, 77-year-old George Morris, a survivor of the shooting, blames Mark Kelly for the death of his wife and five others for not taking extra precautions to protect Giffords after she had been receiving death threats….Morris vented to the paper that he is tired of seeing media coverage of Giffords and her husband.

‘Every time I see them on TV, it makes me want to vomit,’ he told the paper.

May Rep. Giffords and the thirteen other nameless wounded continue in their recovery, and may the innocent and forgotten dead rest in peace.

9:09 am on January 25, 2012