The Fix Is In…

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Or it was, until this:

“The former chief military prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay said Thursday he would be a defense witness for the driver of Osama bin Laden.”

That former prosecutor is Air Force Col. Morris Davis, who resigned in October over alleged political interference in the U.S. military tribunals.

“Davis alleges, among other things, that Pentagon general counsel William Haynes said in August 2005 that any acquittals of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo would make the United States look bad, calling into question the fairness of the proceedings.

“He said ‘We can’t have acquittals, we’ve got to have convictions,'” Davis recalled.”

First the verdict, then the trial. Otherwise, gee, te United States will “look bad.”

Uh-oh. And we’ve been looking so **good** lately.

7:27 am on February 22, 2008