The Feds Are Blocking GOOD Food, Too

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This article touts a recent poll in which Americans overwhelmingly support “food freedom.” However, the food in question involves things like sugary drinks and everything else that Progressives believe people should not have freedom to consume.

However, the problem with polls like this is that while they might highlight how individuals resent the government’s food nanny state, is that Progressives can use them to justify yet more “public campaigns” that convince the general public that such foods are dangerous.

The real threat from the government, however, is not the blocking of sodas and food laden with sugar or corn syrup, but rather the blocking of the growing and distribution of good food. Government rules regarding milk, meat, and vegetables are put into place to benefit industrial producers to the detriment of real farmers growing real food.

To make matters worse, obesity in American society has become much worse in the past four decade not in spite of government efforts to help us “eat better,” but because of government initiatives like the Food Pyramid, and the many crop and product subsidies the government hands out to agricultural interests. Karen De Coster’s recent post explains more.

12:09 pm on January 14, 2013