The Federal “Office of Livability”

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James Oberstar (D., Minn.), chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, wants to establish a federal Office of Livability that will tell Americans when they can drive, where they can drive, what they can drive, and how they will live. And of course, this will include a Livability Czar who will “ensure that States and metropolitan areas achieve progress towards national transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.” Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood recently said he wants to “coerce people out of their cars.” Through force, LaHood said, “I think we can change people’s behavior.” LaHood, in fact, is so entirely arrogant, he actually said this at the National Press Club:

“Some conservative groups are wary of the livable communities program, saying it’s an example of government intrusion into people’s lives,” said the moderator. “How do you respond?”

“About everything we do around here is government intrusion in people’s lives,” said LaHood. “So have at it.”

My response is, How do you respond to that? Because government officials reign supreme in LaHood’s empowered world, why would anyone dare question their coercion, violence, and force? George Will, for one, was considered an ass for questioning LaHood’s forced way of life. Will referred to LaHood as the Secretary of Behavior Modification.

9:31 am on July 6, 2009