The Fed Is Worried About Ron Paul

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The central bank of the United States government–the Federal Reserve–thinks it needs a lobbyist, to work in Congress against Ron Paul. The Bloomberg story doesn’t mention Ron, but instead interviews some ex-Fed think-tank hack in DC. But it is Ron Paul the Fed fears. What a great achievement of Ron’s, to make what Andrew Jackson called “the Monster,” the all-powerful, globe-dominating, special-interest funding. bankster-enabling, dollar-depreciating, business cycle-generating central bank worry about its image, for the first time since 1913. His presidential campaign alerted millions to the fact that we are being ripped-off by the Fed. His Audit the Fed bill (190 cosponsors!) scares the heck out of them. And wait until his End the Fed manifesto is published this summer! They’ll need a whole corps of lobbyists, not that any number of fixers will be able to protect what is in essence a criminal counterfeiting gang, when its time is up at last. (Thanks to Jacob Orlowitz)

7:40 am on June 6, 2009