The FBI’s Deus Ex Machina ‘Incident’

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It is the FBI to the rescue, according to the government. Thanks to the usual agent provocateur tactics, a Somali-born teenager in Oregon has the government plan a “mass destruction” event at the Portland tree-lighting ceremony.

I am sure that the Usual Suspects on Faux News and MSNBC will declare that this is “proof” that the TSA should be using porn scanners and sexual assault “pat downs” at airports. In fact, I predict that soon enough, we will see something like this in an airport to further scare the public into submitting to whatever the government tells us to do. All of this is so sickeningly predictable, yet Americans continue to believe the government is “protecting” them.
It never will occur to any of the talking heads that had the government not run the show, this kid most likely would not have been engaged in any such incidents at all. Furthermore, it never occurs to the talking heads that whenever the government does things like this, it serves as a recruiting device for other terror wannabees who wish to join the jihad.

Look for more of these incidents to occur whenever the public starts to rebel against the government’s heavy-handedness. Just like the Oklahoma City bombing put an end to the call against government abuses in 1995, we can look for people to exploit the government-created incident in Oregon as “proof” that those of us who are speaking out really are Enemies of the People.

8:48 am on November 27, 2010