The Fascist FDA

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Writes Mirand Sharma MD FAAEM:


I’m sorry to hear about the death of your brother from pancreatic cancer, in I Am Thirsty But I Cannot Drink. I have lost 2 relatives to that disease as well.

Although depakote may have contributed to your brother’s passing, another definitive  major contributor was the violence of the state.

Although drugs like depakote may have some clinical value, we as ordinary people and consumers will never know what alternatives are available due to the authoritarian nature of the FDA.
If we truly had a free and non-coercive society, the market place would have already cured or made your brother’s ailment much more manageable.

Depakote is used quite often for neuropathic pain, a pain that can be much better treated with medical marijuana (not necessarily by smoking a joint, but by ingestion).

Medical marijuana   has also been used to treat chemo-therapy induced anorexia and even depression to some extent.  I often wonder if other more natural and less harmful herbs and other substances could be used to bring back one’s mental health into balance.  But we’ll never know– the marketplaces of our lives are  distorted in so many ways.  If it not for the Federal Reserve and its artificial depreciating monetary policy, medicare would never had been possible nor even needed since the wealth of the currency would be protected.

And if it wasn’t for the coercive policies of the various tenants of medicare and our current health care system, drugs like depakote would probably had never been invented( and subsidized by insurance policies) as other more natural pharmaceuticals would have been formulated if human creativity was truly unrestricted by the state.   In my opinion, people like your brother are harmed by the unseen yet very real “choice-prisons” that our fiat-money-enabled-state-healthcare system has inflicted upon us.  I see and recognize this everyday when I work in the ER.

While no words will bring your brother back,  I hope this message from people in the community will provide you comfort. Thank you for sharing your story.

Mirand Sharma MD FAAEM

P.S.,  I’m including a video link of  young teenage boy and his experiments  with pancreatic cancer. Despite all the seemingly omnipotent powers of the state,  the human spirit, including its ability to solve life’e problems gives me hope. I wish it gives you hope too.

1:12 pm on March 1, 2013