The Fake Sexual Tolerance of the Left

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If you’ve read through the blue-state fascist defenses of the TSA’s gropings and x-rays, or heard left-liberals joke about this issue, you might notice a certain peculiar subtext: That the reason some Americans are so up-in-arms about TSA is because they are prudes. Who doesn’t like to be groped? Who gets all upset over a couple revealing images? Culturally reactionary puritans, of course, and it is high time that Americans get over this luxury of being so squeamish about their private parts. There is a war on. The greater good trumps such Victorian sensibilities.

This sort of reasoning is actually even more disgusting than it seems at first. Leftists are assumed to be tolerant and, well, liberal, on sexual questions. The core principle of sexual liberty is the same as in every other sphere of human activity: That people have a right to do whatever they want with their persons or property so long as they don’t initiate force on the non-consenting. Freedom of association and non-aggression mean, of course, that all fully consensual sexual behavior, no matter how deviant it might seem to the prudes and Victorians, ought to be legal.

But to own your body, to have the freedom to control one’s private parts, surely means the right not to be groped, just as much as it means the right to be groped consensually. This is so elementary it saddens me to have to write this. The right to be a prude is as sacred as the right to any other sexual or asexual disposition or peaceful behavior. To defend the TSA’s gropings is on par with calling for the state persecution of homosexuality. Any left-liberal apologizing for the TSA’s acts of sexual abuse on the grounds that Americans ought to get over their old-fashioned sensibilities is as sexually intolerant as any homophobe or Christian rightist I’ve ever had the misfortune to hear rant about how the government must crack down on pornography or gays.

Either people own their own bodies — meaning they have a right to do what they want with their private parts within the framework of non-aggression and private property — or they do not. Prude-bashing should be seen as the hatefulness that it is, and the mass groping of normal Americans is as clear an example of severe sexual intolerance as exists in American history. So if they are not liberal on sex, what are the pro-state leftists who love the TSA? In addition to supporting systematic molestation and abuse, they are folks with absolutely no tolerance of the peaceful sexual choices of others, and they should be called out for this hypocrisy.

11:25 am on November 24, 2010