The Evil of Deportation

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Contra the immigrant haters, Lew Rockwell points out that mass deportations are imcompatible with a pro-liberty stance. (It shouldn’t be shocking of course, that Obama has deported even more poor people than Bush, although Progressives certainly don’t seem to care.) Deportation of people who have not committed actual crimes (i.e. not made up “crimes” such as having a job without government permission) is big government and the police state at its worst. It’s so bad and statist in fact, that I was forced to oppose the deportation of Piers Morgan.

It also is used against the political enemies of the regime and its friends, thus enhancing state power against political dissidents.

A case in point is the Romeike family, which sought asylum from Germany in order to freely homeschool the family’s children. German anti-homeschooling laws, passed and imposed by the Nazi regime, but never repealed by the newly enlightened German state, were being used to violate the family’s basic rights.

So, they sought asylum in the United States. Now, the U.S. government seeks to deport them back to The Fatherland where the children will be kidnapped if the parents don’t comply with The Reich.

Oddly enough, the plight of the Romeike family is getting a lot of circulation among right wingers, who have apparently decided that these illegal immigrants are okay.

10:57 am on May 16, 2013