The Enemy of All Mankind, Especially Industrious Mankind

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Progressives pretend that Leviathan’s meddling benefits its victims, though it actually plunders them to benefit the meddlers and their cronies. My article on LRC yesterday about New York City’s draconian, stultifying, and totalitarian control of the market for housing offered an example (you can read more about that control in my piece for the NY Post, which also appeared yesterday). A friend offered another instance of the evils the State’s interference produces on multiple levels:

…my wife … works at a day care center and is now concerned over the minimum-wage increase that [governor of their state] and the [regulatory agency] rammed through this year.

Here we go: her boss either has to eat the cost (which she really can’t afford), lay off workers (and they need all the help they can get to comply with the state regulations on caregiver/child ratios), and/or raise rates (which will likely cause some parents to pull out and cause a drop in total revenue). If my wife winds up losing her job, I don’t know what we’ll do short term as I’m still working my way through IT and haven’t actually found work in the field yet.

Thank you, politicians and bureaucrats, for stealing our wealth while preventing us from recouping the loss.

8:48 am on June 24, 2014