The Encyclopedia of American Conservatism on “Anarchism”

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ISI has released the long in the making Encyclopedia of American Conservatism. With entries on Anarchism, the Old Right, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, C. S. Lewis as well as entries written by Russell Kirk and M.E. Bradford there looks to be much here of interest.

The entry on Anarchism is available online and is interesting reading. Here is my favorite bit:

[Edward] Abbey’s novels, especially The Brave Cowboy (1956), The Monkeywrench Gang (1975), and The Fool’s Progress (1988), feature merry anarchist heroes who live by Abbey’s anarchist creed: “Be loyal to your family, your clan, your friends, and your community. Let the nation-state go hang itself.”

[Thanks Right Reason]

6:25 pm on April 21, 2006